Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paying the Piper

I’ve been negligent, lately, where my blog is concerned. My excuse is I’ve been preparing food, candy and cookies, ham and phyllo-wrapped salmon, green beans with sherried mushrooms, roasted potatoes, caramel-chocolate angel food cake, peppermint bark…you get the picture.
        Now, the New Year is upon us and it’s time to pay the piper which, in my world, means losing the 10 pounds I’ve gained since September. The biggest problem is finding a diet plan I haven’t already used and I’ve used quite a few. Interestingly, they all worked…for a while. You might ask the logical question: why don’t I go back to one that has already been successful? The answer is, I can only endure a diet once.
This year’s weight loss choice is Mark MacDonald’s Body Confidence inspired by his book and subsequent interview on CNN. I like the idea of eating constantly (every 3-4 hours) balanced meals of 250 calories at a time. I’m not crazy about the amount of recommended exercise but I understand that I can no longer eat what I want without moving around more than I like. Fortunately, I live in California and the weather is conducive to outdoor activities. Still, I’m a sedentary person, always have been. I enjoy a walk on the beach now and then (beaches are nice and flat) and I truly look forward to strolling around the mall as long as it includes lunch and spending money but, truthfully, I’d rather read a book, see a movie, take a drive, check my email or talk on the phone than lace up my hiking boots and attempt anything more than a 15% uphill grade.  
I know what you’re thinking: a healthy body weight isn’t a fly-by-night diet plan to be discarded once your ideal weight is achieved. It’s a forever thing, which, in my opinion, if a person loves food, is the most depressing truism imaginable. I simply can’t manage a lifetime of food deprivation. There are those who say that food represents more than just a salve for hunger. It certainly does for me. It’s delicious and satisfying to eat and interesting and creative to prepare. The sharing of food with people we like and love is one of life’s pleasures. What would happen if Christmas came without cookies or candy was no longer a part of Halloween? I, for one, would be traumatized.
I’m actually fortunate as far as body type is concerned. It takes a great many calories before they really show. I’m grateful for my internal switch which doesn’t allow me to eat enough to grow out of my clothes. However, I’ve learned that a person may be thin with not enough lean muscle mass and too much body fat. Which is why, once again, I search, not so much for the perfect diet, but for one I can manage most of the time. Any recommendations are welcome.

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