Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hannie Rising


It’s official. My latest endeavor, HANNIE RISING, (cover image to follow) is finally finished and scheduled for release in June 2014. The novel is set in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. I’ll be posting short excerpts on my blog. The plot goes like this:

A practical, occasionally irreverent, Saint Peter gives Mickey Enright another chance at mortality to tie up loose ends with Johannah, (Hannie), his wife of three decades and their grown but needy children, Kate and Liam. The only glitch is that he is unrecognizable and must not reveal his identity.

Hannie, like most women of her generation, has allowed herself to be consumed by her role as wife and mother. After the worst of her grief has subsided, she is about to embark on the journey of fulfillment she's postponed for thirty years...until her daughter's marriage collapses, her son comes home to finish his education and her mother, on the edge of Alzheimer's, needs a place to live along with her very large and poorly trained dog....