Sunday, April 10, 2011

5.0 out of 5 stars A winner, a keeper & a thoroughly satisfying read, April 28, 1997
By A Customer
This review is from: Catriona (Mass Market Paperback)
California lawyer Kate Sutherland travels from the west coast to Salem, Massachusetts to help Celia Ward with her tax difficulties. After having Kate remove her contact lens, Celia probes into Kate's eyes and informs the attorney that all the answers to her deepest questions about her cryptic youth including her birthplace can be found on an island off of the Scottish coast. Needing to understand more about her roots, Kate goes to the Shetland Islands off of Scotland to meet Maura Sutherland, a high priestess of an ancient religion still practiced on the islands. ....... Almost from the first moment she steps onto her native soil, Kate sees visions of herself dressed in clothing that is five centuries old. She turns to local historian Niall McCormack for help in comprehending what she "sees". He tells her that she is envisioning Catriona Wells, the first Countess of Bothwell, who was trapped by the late fifteenth century royal conflict between England and Scotland. Her tragic life haunts Kate. Kate must somehow fix the past to share a loving future with Niall, the individual she now loves. ....... 

Jeanette Baker moves to the head of the historical romance class with CATRIONA, an absolutely stunning and unique mixing of several genres (supernatural, historical, and contemporary romances) into a great novel that will delight fans from all three genres. The characters from both sides of the Atlantic and from both centuries are first rate, well described, and humanized, turning a brilliant story line into one of the top novels of the year to date. .......Harriet Klausner

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