Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 - The 95th Anniversary of the 1916 Uprising in Ireland

All Irish stories are happy and all their songs are sad.  The long, convoluted history of Ireland, although attempted by a number of outstanding writers, is rarely understood by most Americans, even those of Irish descent. Labeled a religious battle by some, an economic one by others, the plight of the Irish and their ability to withstand isolation, plague, starvation and systematic extermination by English landlords is as complicated to understand as the writing style of James Joyce. 
IRISH LADY is the story of one small piece of Ireland's 800 year old struggle for freedom, primarily the time period ending with the Flight of the Earls when the Catholic aristocracy, led by Red Hugh O'Neill, lost the Battle of Kinsale and retreated to Spain leaving the peasant population to the mercy of the colonizing English. 
I'm delighted that my fictional story of the Earl's daughter, Nuala, and her descendant, Meghann McCarthy, will be reissued in 2012.
5.0 out of 5 stars Breathtakingly wonderful!
This review is from Amazon: Irish Lady (Mass Market Paperback)
After reading IRISH LADY in one sitting, I sat down and read it again. This beautifully crafted work is much too special to be thought of as simply another romance novel. This story of Meghann, who escapes from her Belfast past to become a successful London attorney, and Michael, a former IRA soldier is both intense and ethereal. Both Meghann and Michael must come to terms with the past while securing their future together. Through the wisdom of Nuala O'Donnell, a 16th c. ancestor, Meghann reconciles herself to her heritage, her convictions, and her heart.If you are unfamiliar with Irish nationalism, one read of this book will well acquaint you with it. You'll finally understand what Bono was saying when U2 recorded "Sunday, Bloody Sunday". Though Ms. Baker does take liberties with the history of the 16th c. (which she admits in her notes), her insight into modern Irish nationalist politics is right on target.
IRISH LADY is a truly wonderful book with realistic and vivid characters, a smart plot, and crisp writing. This is a keeper.

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